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Just as with any real estate strategy, location is a key element businesses use to achieve a number of business objectives — attracting and retaining top talent being one of them. As a tenant of a Badiee Development you’ll enjoy the highest quality facilities and amenities in the most desirable markets across the U.S. where your team will enjoy returning to day-after-day.

Ideal Locations

Thoughtfully selected in North San Diego County, our campuses are situated with convenient access to Orange and Los Angeles counties. The close proximity to larger markets attracts many sectors and industries and in turn the labor force that nurtures the growth of Southern California including highly skilled technical experts, professionals, researchers and scientists and those with production and logistics skills in:

  • E-commerce
  • Technology
  • Medical manufacturing
  • General contracting heavy construction
  • Wholesale distribution consumer products
  • Food production manufacturing
  • Leisure wear clothing
  • Floor coverings home furnishings
  • Light assembly electronics
  • Solar manufacturing and installation
  • Food supplements
  • Energy drinks
  • Green technology


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is "Badiee" pronounced?
The name of our company is pronounced Ba-De-E Development.
Who do I contact if I have an interest in leasing space?

Please click here to contact us. We would be happy to discuss the many options that are available including flexibility with suite selection and size.

Are you able to scale the square footage of a suite depending on my company’s needs?

Yes…we offer the flexibility to work with each of our tenants to accommodate their needs in most cases. Contact us to discuss.

Do I need a personal guarantee with the lease agreement?

Providing personal guarantees is a very common practice today in many industries but our e-leases may also be secured in other ways subject to the strength of the tenant’s financial statement. Badiee Development will be happy to discuss options with you.

What are the fees for common area maintenance (CAM)?
Common area maintenance fees vary by project. A detailed budget for each space will be provided during the lease discussions.
Do I need an attorney to negotiate the lease?

That is a personal decision. Badiee Development provides standard leases for all of its projects.

Will the building be Turnkey? Who is responsible for the Tenant Improvements (TIs)?
Each project and space is different. Some of our suites are move-in ready and others will need custom build-out. The landlord will assist the tenant with the planning, design and construction of specific improvements needed.

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