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Invest with confidence.

When thinking about your investment profile, portfolio composition and what makes the most sense for you, our projects are modern, highly functional Class-A facilities that may meet your appetite for financial risk and the returns you seek.

As an accredited investor you have the financial capacity and potential to build wealth through Badiee Development. We offer you a private and smart way to do just that while also providing you with a long-term income stream.

Your investment opportunities with Badiee Development are as diverse as the properties we construct. Our capital structure tends to be more compelling and provides more flexibility in achieving your unique financial goals.

  • Portfolio Diversification
  • To be actively involved in the growth of the business
  • Fixed income or high yielding investment strategies
  • To help stimulate local economies and participate in creating jobs
  • Simply believing in our projects and what we do

Social Investing

The environment is as important to us.

Social investing, also known as sustainable, responsible and impact (SRI) investing, seeks returns that help advance social and environmental benefits to society as a whole balanced with financial risks and rewards. Such thinking is a win-win for investors and the communities they support.

This is why Badiee Development focuses on developing facilities that are built and located with the goals of providing the best tenant environments and the best investor returns – and which also contribute to the greater good. This philosophy is baked into our core business strategy.

To talk with us about SRI investment opportunities please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is "Badiee" pronounced?

The name of our company is pronounced Bad-E-Yee Development.

What type of investors are eligible to participate?

Only accredited investors who are known to the company. Please continue to read through our website to learn more about the company. If interested in connecting with Mr. Ben Badiee for introductions please complete our inquiry form. Click here to find out what qualifies as an accredited investor

What is the process for inquiring about investment opportunities?

It is important that all investors do their due diligence before making any investment decision. Please click here to request a prospectus.

What is the investment structure?

Based on current market data we choose to employ a combination of debt, mezzanine and equity components which can be an attractive model given individual investors goals.

Why is Western U.S. the focus of the development projects?

The scarcity of industrial Class A property and high demand make these markets considerably attractive. The principals of Badiee Development have over 100 years combined experience in these markets so they understand the opportunities and inherent risks, and bring strong relationships with municipalities, local skilled labor and professional firms which help projects move along.