Giving Back

Supporting Our Community

Most companies support the idea of corporate philanthropy but focus on building their core business with limited resources applied towards non-revenue drivers, though they wish they could give more. At Badiee Development, we feel strongly about the value we create — and our commitment to giving back to the communities that spur our growth is an integral part of our core business strategy.

As a company, our business is developing land, facilities and business parks. Leveraging all that we do, we’ve created a signature philanthropy program aptly named Building Blocks  — where we invest in programs that focus in four areas of discipline for youth and young adults including:
  • Character development
  • Academic development
  • Sports development
  • Mindfulness and self-realization
With our commitment of time, talent and treasure we want to help ensure a brighter future for all — and help those we can to develop into productive, caring citizens of the world.