About Badiee

About Badiee Development

Formed in 2003, Badiee Development, Inc. is a full service real estate development company specializing in the ground-up development of unique commercial and industrial projects throughout Southern California.  Badiee Development’s primary mission is to turn development visions into outstanding completed projects by creating an enthusiastic, stimulating workplace that amplifies the talents of its management team and employees.  The company strives to create positive relationships with all individuals involved in its projects, working towards a shared goal, whether consultants, tenants, municipal staff, investors or employees, Each member of Badiee Development’s senior management team has over 30 years of industry experience and collectively they have developed in excess of 10 million square feet of commercial and residential real estate.

The foundation of the firm’s ideology is its dedication to honesty, excellence and customer satisfaction, while being good stewards of the environment and community. The company created a corporate philanthropy program called Building Blocks, which is designed to help inspire youth and young adults.

Badiee Development was founded by Ben Badiee, a successful entrepreneur and business leader. 

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